Monday, September 28, 2015

New Fishroom

We have spend the last year renovating the basement. We have added an insulated fishroom to one part of the basement. We are now 80% of the way there on the fishroom. Here's some photos.
This is the west wall stand. It has 5-20 gallon, 6-10 gallon, and it will have 7-5.5 gallon tanks with supply storage above.
This is the north wall stand. It has 5-20 gallon, it will have 6-10 gallon and has extra tanks and equipment above.
We have a laundry tub beside the north wall stand. We have the python water changer hanging beside the tub and have a large bucket for net below the tub.
The east wall  has a supply rack, no fish tanks on this wall. We will have a white board with fish info to the left of the rack.
This is the part that isn't complete yet. We will have 3-4 tanks that will run perpendicular to the wall. we have a 70, a 80 and 55 gallon tank not setup yet, I have to build wood racks to hold them.

Of Course we had to do some DIY and lighting is what we did. I travel to China a lot for work and was able to pick up some super bright LED strips when I was there. So nothing fancy just zip tied them to the racks.

To power all of the strips I converted an old computer power supply for these. So the whole lighting system costed me about $45.

The other DIY was the air supply system. I plumbed in into the stands.

There is one pump of each stand
The other major difference is that we are heating the room and not the tanks. We are using electric baseboard heaters to heat the room. The room is about 75d F on the floor and 80d F at the 5.5 gallon tank level, 84d F at my 6'3" head. this keeps the 20g tanks at 75, the 10g tanks at 78 and the 5.5 g tanks at 80. The baseboards are linked together and are electronically regulated. The room stays very consistent if we keep the door shut.
The top device is the linked electronic Thermostat. the switch below is the aquarium light timer.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

London Fall Auction 2015

We went to the London Aquaria Auction today and got a lot of fish, 97 to be exact.
We got :
Andinoacara pulcher (Blue Acara)
Ameca Splendens
Metriaclima sp. "Membe Deep" 
Pundamilia nyererei
Pseudotropheus perileucos (Black-White Johannii)
Zoogoneticus tequila 
Gold Convicts
Metriaclima greshakei (Ice blue cichlid)
Ilyodon xantusi
Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl (Nezzie Swords)
Cryptoheros chetumalensis
Cynotilapia afra Ntekete
Badis Badis

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Auction in nearly 2 years.

We went to the London Aquaria Society's Spring Auction. Catie got Congo Tetras, Colombian Red Fin Tetra and Rosy barbs. Dan bought Rainbow Cichlids and I got Firefish Cichlid, Eureka Red Cichlids, Betta Imbellis, White cloud minnows and multies. Spend 5 hours and there and only saw half the auction.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fish room Clearance

Well we have a few more items to sell.

qty description per unit price /ea
1 aqua clear 110 included used media   40
3 Aqua clear 20 powerheads   5
1 Hagen Elite 802 air pump   15
1 ecom ep-30 air pump   40
1 glass 26 glass lid   10
1 glass 20 gallon lid   10
6 glass 10 gallon lid   7
1 glass 5 gallon lid   4
1 plastic 5 gallon lid   4
2 glass fish bowls   1
2 marina betta bowls   5
1 tall betta tank   5
1 unused box of "C" size marineland cartridges   10
1 aqua clear surface skimmer   7.5
1 floating breeder   4
1 fixed wall breeder   4
1 collapsible net breeder   2
2 medium critter boxes   4
3 small critter boxes   3
6 used beanie baby boxes   3 for all
3 drift wood in    1
4 thermo-wave 50 watt 0.10 /watt 5
2 thermo-wave 75 watt 0.10 /watt 7.5
1 thermo-wave 100 watt 0.10 /watt 10
3 via-aqua 50 watt 0.10 /watt 5
4 heat pro 50 watt 0.10 /watt 5
3 heat pro 75 watt 0.10 /watt 7.5
1 heat pro 100 watt 0.10 /watt 10
2 heat pro 150 watt 0.10 /watt 15
1 Atison Betta Pro   2 for all
  Nutrifin betta plus    
  seachem betta basic    
7 10 gallon coroplast clear tank covers   1
9 medium clay pots 0.35 3 for all
1 12lbs of clay pieces   3
1 25lbs of black lava rock   10
1 30lbs large river rocks   15
3 box fillters no media 0.35 1 of all
12 regular height ATI sponge filter bodies without sponges   6
14 half height ATI sponge filter bodies without sponges   6
  used sponges free with body    
4 medium stryofoam boxes   1